November 19th, 2014 | Party Time!


As we enter the last few months of 2014, we also enter the biggest party season of the year. From cocktail parties, family gatherings, and work events, a different look and style is necessary. Eric, one of our hair stylists, shared some insight on holiday party hairstyles for every occasion this season.

Eric says that holiday party hair should strive for an “elevated level of elegance.” This look can be achieved through many techniques at different price ranges, making it easy to find the perfect holiday style. For example, a few strategically placed waves, or a great blow-dry can be a departure from your everyday style. A service such as this would cost about $35. Most importantly, subtle but impactful changes like adding some curls can be styled on short and long hair alike.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, an up-do is a great option. When considering an up-do, “think of Hollywood red carpet styles, rather than a high school dance style,” Eric said. Up-do’s at Salon Nouveau range in price from $55-$75 and are great for holiday weddings or special occasions like New Year’s Eve.

Today’s trends are also influencing holiday party hairstyles. Braids are incredibly popular now and can be worked into almost any style. If you’re considering wearing your hair down, you could add a braided headband or side-braid for some flair. Braids can also be incorporated into an up-do as a way to visually pull the hair back from the sides, or even up from the bottom!

Still can’t decide? Try a classic look inspired by vintage hairstyles, commonly seen on celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon. Large buns, curls, and soft waves are characteristic of this style, which can easily compliment your holiday party outfits.

To add a final touch, Eric suggests a fantastic new product by Joico called Gold Dust. Gold Dust adds a gentle golden sparkle to hair, and can be used no matter the style or length of hair. Gold Dust is the perfect way to make your holiday hair festive and glamorous, without any permanent changes like cutting or dyeing.

Eric would love to style your holiday hair this season. To make an appointment with him please call us at 520.323.0770. We hope your holiday season is filled with lots of good cheer and look forward to seeing you soon!

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October 15th, 2014 | Décolletage Decadence

With fall in full-swing the holidays are right around the corner. Between Halloween and all the events that follow, different outfits are required and usually show some skin. While your summer bronze may not have faded yet, your skin likely took a beating from the summer heat. Now is the time to revitalize your face, neck and chest areas with the many décolletage services offered at Salon Nouveau.

Many women go to great lengths to keep their faces firm and wrinkle free, but often forget the importance of caring for their neck and chest with the same TLC. Here are some top tips for keeping your neck and chest looking as fresh as your face this fall. First, always wear sunscreen! The décolletage area is very prone to freckles and wrinkles so wearing sunscreen helps to protect your skin against these trespassers. Second, be sure to moisturize this area. Just as you moisturize your face, you should moisturize your neck and chest. We have a great firming serum especially for the neck so ask us about it on your next visit. Finally, treat your décolletage area to a specialized service for extra care.

At Salon Nouveau, we offer many facial services, and receiving a facial is a great time to add on a décolletage service. Our Milk ‘n Honey neck firming service is an easy add-on to a facial but also available alone. Not only will the Milk ‘n Honey treatment exfoliate your neck and chest, but the natural ingredients include collagen which helps to boost your skin’s firmness. This treatment takes only 20 minutes and is $30.

If you’re looking for something that focuses on the neck and chest as well as the rest of the body, then the sugar body scrub is perfect. This 75-minute treatment will exfoliate all of your skin and leave you glowing just in time to welcome the holiday season. We hope to see you soon for a décolletage service!

September 22nd, 2014 | “Nail” Your Fall Style

Teal ToesTreat your toes for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month! Salon Nouveau is helping raise money for ovarian cancer research during September by donating 25% of all teal-painted toes to the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Project. Although this monthly promotion is focused on your feet, there are several ways to pamper your nails at Salon Nouveau. Whether you are a fast-paced business professional, hard working mom, or labor loving homemaker, there’s a manicure and pedicure to fit your lifestyle.  Read more about Teal Toes here

Choosing the right service can be overwhelming so nail specialist Rene broke down all the details to help guests find the right service. There are several options for both hands and feet, but what is the difference between these services? Let’s start with hand and nail treatments.

For manicures, guests can choose from gel, shellac, acrylic, silk, and traditional manicure options. Not to mention the additional options such as paraffin waxes, exfoliating treatments, and nail art! For people wanting shiny, long-lasting manicures, gel or shellac services are the best bet. A gel manicure involves applying a thick gel solution to natural nails and requires bi-weekly maintenance. Shellac is considered a “power-polish” and is a thinner application than gel. Both gel and shellac applications cure under a UV light for an immediate drying time – no smudging! Gel and shellac also require a brief soak-off before the next service. Gel applications start at $55 while shellac manicures cost $40 per service.

Acrylic nails are no longer a tacky, outdated manicure solution according to Rene. Today, acrylic is very healthy for natural nails and can be applied with a tip for guests who wish to add length to their natural nails. An acrylic manicure is best for very active people because the acrylic base forms a hard layer over the nail, which can withstand the lifestyle of office assistants, moms, and other busy women. Acrylic manicure services start at $55 and require bi-weekly fills, which are $32.  Guests can also inquire about a silk manicure, which affixes a thin piece of silk to natural nails for added protection. Silk manicures start at $55 and fill-ins cost $32.

In addition to pampering your nails, you can also pamper your feet with a variety of pedicures to help add moisture back to your dry, desert feet. The typical spa pedicure at Salon Nouveau takes one hour and includes an exfoliating scrub, mineral mask, and moisturizing massage for $45. The non-spa pedicure takes less time but still cleans up the heels and toes for $30. Don’t forget to pick a teal color during September to help raise money for Ovarian Cancer!

August 25th, 2014 | Extending those Luscious Locks

We have never been fully satisfied with the hair we inherit from our parents. Those who want curly hair have straight; those who have thin, limp strands want thicker and more abundant locks. That’s why hair extensions are so popular. In a couple of hours, anyone can give their head of hair a lift through hair extensions.

While extensions were made popular by those who wanted super long and sexy hair immediately, many men and women are now using these services to simply achieve thicker hair.

Victor at Salon Nouveau, a PerfecTress certified stylist, says modern trends for extensions are used to add highlights or color. This allows clients an opportunity to test shades ranging from mild to wild for either a temporary effect for a special occasion or a long-lasting change.

The hair extension process is very advanced and isn’t painful with no damage to the permanent hair since there is no heat or glue involved. For hair to stay at its fullest, maintenance is needed depending on the type of extensions that work best for the client. A routine “push up” visit should be scheduled every 2 to 3 months.

For those with long hair, extensions can create that thick, full mane you’ve always dreamed about. Adding body can be important, too, for anyone with fine, limp or thinning hair. At Salon Nouveau, our stylists offer two options of micro links extensions and also tape extensions, which are great for thin and brittle hair.

The price for extensions can vary anywhere from putting in just a few colorful extensions for a party to longer, fuller hair that will last up to a year. A consultation at Salon Nouveau in Tucson is the best way to get a precise estimate. Our professional stylists will help to make sure that the extensions are tailored to your specifications and you’ll have the right texture and color to blend with your own locks. When you leave Salon Nouveau, your new locks will look natural, authentic and better than you can ever imagine.

July 1st, 2014 | Summer Lovin’ Hair

summer damageYour skin isn’t the only part of you feeling the season’s impact of heat, chlorinated pools and excessive sun. Now’s the time to show your hair some summer lovin’ and prevent those strands from getting crispy, dry and broken.

Katie, a native to Tucson, has been around the harsh summers and understands what your locks need to thrive. Katie’s passion is the beauty industry and loves making people feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

To keep your hair in tip top shape, protection is the rule. Step one is to use a thermal styling product which will give your hair a shield to guard it from those damaging outdoor elements.

And, wear a hat. Not only will it protect your hair from the direct rays of the sun, it will shade your face (protecting your delicate skin) and help keep you cool.

If you’re planning a day at the beach, lake or poolside, look for hair styling products that will protect your hair – and hair color and highlights – from chemicals, chlorine and seawater.

Featured on TLC’s “A Makeover Story,” Katie says the summer damage prevention hair care routines include regular trims to keep the ends healthy and resistant to splitting or breaking. Include a monthly deep conditioning treatment to prevent, protect and repair summer’s rough conduct.

Katie’s favorite summer hair care products are created by Davines because of their ingredients that will treat those dry ends. The line also carries a conditioning treatment and a sun oil to protect the hair sun and chlorine.

In addition, her professional training with Eufora showed the positive impact of their clay mask as ideal for a summertime deep conditioning treatment. Eufora offers their soothing care line for straight and curly hair. The “smooth-n” line gives hair a nice smooth, sleek, straight look and the “curl-n” line would be great to let hair style naturally. Shower, use some of the curl activator or mousse and then hair air dry.


At Salon Nouveau, Katie specializes in thick curly, hair and has a ton of experience with color and color correction. When asked what the trends this summer are, she is seeing requests for a low-maintenance look with highlights or bailage (painting) around the face to give hair a natural, sun-kissed look.

Highlights are always important for all hairstyles and ombré is still a highly requested look. Katie’s also seeing a return to more subtle color choices, not so much of a bright

blonde, but something that looks like it’s been sun-kissed. She is offering that same effect with reds, as well.

June 13th, 2014 | Treat your Dad to Some Pampering

happy father's day mustacheWith Father’s Day coming up, most people turn toward the traditional gifts of BBQ tools or golf. Sons, daughters, mothers and wives don’t often think these tough, resourceful men need a little pampering; but they do.

Don’t take that rugged exterior for granted. Dads go through the same uncertainties as the rest of us when facing the world. He needs to see the value of taking care of yourself to boost your self-esteem. He’s taken care of you, hasn’t he? It’s time to return the favor.

And what better way to having him put his best foot forward than to help him create and maintain a grooming routine he can maintain. Then, looking his best will be easy to do.

Like women, men compare themselves to celebrities; they are just quieter about it than their female counterparts. Help them select a barber or stylist who can offer advice on how they can achieve a fresh look or recommendations to update a haircut, mustache or beard. Exploring and finding a fresh look to make their own, can develop a longer lasting style that’s not only consistent, but also easy to maintain. It’s all about feeling comfortable in presenting a new and confident look to the rest of the world.

Many men make it a goal to be consistently well groomed, whether they’re opting for a clean-shaven look or manicured facial hair.  Salon Nouveau has a full-range of men’s salon services to help maintain any grooming need. Created to enhance masculine features, our stylists work to accommodate any style from casual to the boardroom. Our men’s haircut service includes scalp massage and optional hot towel aromatherapy facial wrap.

Hair color can be an especially tricky issue if beard or scalp hairs are turning grey at different rates. We can delicately provide color blending or full color coverage to ensure a long-term look or a smooth transition to a gorgeous white mane or smooth pate, if hair loss becomes an issue.

For those who love that smooth face, our men’s facials and skin care treatments that are especially tailored for men’s skin. For dads prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs, a Father’s Day gift of the Eufora Hero line of shaving and skincare products. Or just book that handsome man for a mini spa service and express facial treatment for a guy on the go.

And, don’t forget hands – those tools that dads use to hug, to wipe away a tear, to applaud your piano solo or fix your bicycle. Even the roughest hands will look and feel better than imagined after a manicure designed just for men, including a buffing treatment or matte finish lacquer for that executive look.

For advice and direction on how to help your favorite dad, we recommend our stylists. They know the ways of hairstyling and color and can tame the most contrary of whirls into a thing of beauty. And, best of all, our staff listens when it comes to understanding guests’ needs and ensures they leave happy knowing they’ve been groomed by a master craftsman.

They always like to know your profession since there is a lot of hairstyles that can be transformed into different looks with the use of styling products. Knowing your dad may need a corporate look during the day but liking a more casual look in the evening can help our staff can give him the best cut with flexibility to style it differently.

May 23rd, 2014 | Wax On. Hair Off.

With the thermometer rising up a bit above the 100 degree mark, pool time and short shorts are destined for the near future. For more than 53 years, women have been removing unwanted hair menacing them throughout their lives. Hair removal activities tend to go up in the summertime when certain areas that have been ignored during the colder months are ready to be exposed and enjoy the summer heat. One way to do away with that unwelcomed, pesky hair is to dip into the idea of waxing.

Salon Nouveau offers many services in waxing including lip, brow, chin, sideburn, under arm and everyone’s favorite; the bikini or “betweenie” wax for theswimsuit attire  needed to survive those hot summers. Prices for services on wax are between the ranges of $10-$48 depending on the body part.

There are other alternatives such as shaving but why many women favor waxing is its length in time that it takes for hair to grow back which can be anywhere from four to six weeks. Although, some people may have to wax several times due to some hair being on a different growth cycle.

Lisa Miranda, one of Salon Nouveau’s aestheticians considers Brazilian bikini waxing to be her specialty. Lisa is always looking for new products for Salon Nouveau clients and enjoys helping clients change their appearance and feel good about themselves and recently attended a huge international skincare show.

Lisa recommends a couple of tips to best benefit from your waxing experience include avoiding sun or tanning beds a couple days before and after your treatment. It’s always best before you go in to let your hair grow about two to three weeks for lasting results. Before you do go in for your treatment, exfoliate with a dry loofah or exfoliating gloves by using circular movements which helps tremendously by preventing ingrown hairs. Salon Nouveau recommends before waxing not to drink caffeine, apply moisturizer and most importantly, never wax after a chemical peel.

Waxing is safe, effective and there are very few side effects for most people. However, certain medications and skin types are more susceptible to problems than others, please consult with a doctor if you have any concerns and we regret that we cannot perform waxing service on clients who use Retin-A, Accutane or similar products.

Take the chore out of hair removal and let Salon Nouveau do the waxing for you. In addition to being a full-service hair salon, we provide clean and effective hair removal for silky smooth skin from head to toe.

April 21st, 2014 | Overwhelmed by Hair Care Products?

Davines ProductsWhen washing your hair, do you ever wonder if this is the best product for your hair? When a TV commercial or magazine about hair care catches your eye, or if you see someone else with shiny bouncy hair, do you say to yourself, “why doesn’t my hair look like that, too?”

So, you decide to invest in products promising hair miracles. At the store with hundreds of hair care products, an overwhelmed feeling rushes through you. Between your time spent trying to understand the fine print on the labels and the range of product costs, your expectations are starting to spiral out of control.

You’re looking at the sales clerk, reluctant to ask for help because their hair doesn’t reflect the level of expertise you’re seeking. And, then, other things may cross your mind, as you stand among the sea of hair care. Can the containers be recycled? Are the ingredients harming the environment? Can you believe the research showing the product is the latest and greatest?

Overwhelmed with information and worried about the growing wrinkles on your furrowed brow while evaluating which offers the best cure for the price, you finally grab one, hoping this will justify your trip to the store.

Is there a better way to shop for hair care products? First, identify what is it about your hair type you want to change? Do you want to smooth your frizzies, do your limp locks need body or is it overall damage control needed?

Where else do you find someone who is passionate about hair, someone who studies it, researches it and works with hair all day long, than at a hair salon. The stylists know about every type of hair in the world and will recognize your hair type and recommendations on what products will solve not only today’s problems, but put your head of hair on the long-term road to recovery. At Salon Nouveau, our Tucson hair salon experts are constantly in touch with national experts and will do the research to ensure you’ll have the right product for your hair to put it back on the shiny bouncy path.

After all, your hair can be such a visible part of your self confidence. Having a great hair day can even give you just the right boost throughout your day to make it even more successful.

In our research to identify great hair care products, our experts with Salon Nouveau found a new hair care line from Davines. We fell in love with the simplicity, effectiveness and handcrafted beauty of this Italian line and have brought the products to our store in Tucson. For those unfamiliar with the Davines products, here’s a link to their story. These products are natural and environmentally safe as well as enhanced with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies. Take a look the next time you visit the Salon–we think you’ll like what you see and will be happy when you try these products yourself!


April 3rd, 2014 | Specials Good Through the Month of April 2014

190Specials Good Through the Month of April2014

Ever wish you had longer or thicker hair? Victor is our hair extensions expert who can actually grant your wish. Victor loves our Perfectress extensions because they are beautiful, luxurious 100% human hair. They come in a spectrum of great colors and can be toned to the color of your dreams. Extensions can last up to a year although they do need to be adjusted periodically. From now until the end off April the initial application has been reduced by $200. For more information about this transformational service, please call us at 323-0770 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Victor.

We are also offering a complimentary fill for all lash extensions purchased from now until the end of April. This is a $65 value and is usually scheduled about 30 days after the initial application to maintain your beautiful dramatic lashes. Call us at 323-0770 to schedule a consultation and learn more about getting extraordinary lashes at Salon Nouveau.

March 14th, 2014 | We’ve Got Wildcat Fever!


Wildcat nailsMarch Madness is here and we are surrounded by University of Arizona Wildcat fever. There is navy, white and red everywhere as Tucson’s pride intensifies this basketball season. Even if you didn’t attend the U of A as a student, living in Tucson connects each of us to the University. Show everyone you know that you support the U of A from your toes to your fingertips with some Wildcat nail art. A themed-set manicure or pedicure is a creative and fun way to “bear down” as you cheer on the home team!wildcat nails sign

Just tell us that you want to show off your Wildcat passion when you set up your next manicure or pedicure appointment at Salon Nouveau. Ask for our super creative nail professional Michelle. A Tucson native, Michelle knows about Wildcat pride is especially skilled at nail art with a passion for holiday themes.

“I love doing pedicures– it’s such a transformation from when the feet come in to when they leave nice and clean,” says Michelle. “My favorite art work would be themed whether it’s Christmas or flag day; any holiday is worth decorating your nails.”