Facial skin treatment

Facial Skin Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Facials and Skin Treatment Salon in Tucson, ArizonaWe offer a wide variety of blissful spa facial treatments using fine glo therapeutics products. Our spa facials includes: warm vapor/towels, cleansing and toning, hand, foot and facial massage, extractions, moisturizing and sun protection. We are also the premier men’s Salon in Tucson, offering all men’s skin treatment and grooming services.



This express treatment includes double cleansing, deep exfoliation, purifying mask, pore extraction and hydration. Treatment time: 30 minutes

Glo Facial

Our Glo facial is great for all skin types and will be customized to help treat dry/dehydrated  and maturing skin. Treatment time: 1 hour

Brightening Facial

Helps target dull uneven skin tone.   Treatment time: 1 hour

Cucumber Gel Mask Facial

This facial is for all skin types, especially sensitive and dehydrated skin and is known for its soothing and cooling effect relieving puffiness, irritation and dehydration. Contains Indian sienna,  which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . Treatment time: 1 hour

Clear Skin Facial

Customized to help treat acne-prone or congested skin. Treatment time: 1 hour minutes

Flower Enzyme Facial

Facial for all skin types and is an especially light exfoliant for skin that is sensitive to hydroxyl acids and/or physical exfoliants. Treatment time: 1 hour

Retinol +C Exfoliant Facial

Targets dull, uneven tone and texture and is especially good for hyper-pigmentation. Treatment time: 1 hour

Vitamin C Facial

A great anti-oxidant facial that softens hyper-pigmentation, assists in the synthesis of collagen and destroys free radicals. Also improves skin elasticity and decreases wrinkles. Not good for acne prone skin. Treatment time: 1 hour

Cyto-luxe Firming Facial

Designed for mature and pre-mature aging skin which targets fine lines and wrinkles with plant stem cell ingredients. The best results are achieved with at-home care regimen of the cyto-luxe products. Treatment time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Pro 5 Exfoliant Peel

Designed for clearer, invigorated and glowing skin. This unique professional exfoliation treatment balances results with no downtime. After smoothing and optional extractions, skin is hydrated and cooled with our most calming mask. While all skin types will benefit from this treatment, this treatment is especially appropriate for sensitive skin. Treatment time: 1 hour

Lactic 15% peel

Targeting dry skin, uneven tone, aging skin and dull and sensitive skin.

Salicylic 30% peel

For acne prone, uneven tone and texture and aging skin. Deeply cleans pores and rejuvenates skin.

Glycolic 30% peel

Repairs and regenerates skin. The exfoliant is appropriate for most skin types and effectively treats oily and problematic skin.

Jessner peel

Improves and smoothes the skin by causing dead skin cells to slough off.

Other Services

Brow Tint

Eliminate the need for brow pencil touch-ups with a natural looking tint.

Lash Tint

Lighter lashes can be dramatically transformed reducing the need to use mascara.

$69 AND UP

This exfoliative treatment for the face removes the outermost layers of the skin including peach fuzz. This process is painless and results in smoother, brighter and softer skin.

Eye Refresher

Service includes nourishing vitamins, plumping collagen and hydration massaged around the eyes which results in a brightened overall appearance.

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