After Your Bikini Wax: Dos and Don’ts to Know

Many women prefer waxing over shaving, especially for the sensitive bikini area. Unlike shaving, waxing results in smoother skin and minimal irritation. Plus, when the hair does grow back in, it feels softer, compared to a blunt shave, that results in a coarse stubble. If you’re ready to schedule a bikini wax, here’s what you should know about the aftercare.

Do delay your visit to the pool

Many women who schedule a bikini wax do so before they plan to visit the pool or beach. However, you should know that removing the hair from the skin causes micro-damage to the hair follicles. These very tiny openings in the skin can then harbor bacteria, which may result in a skin infection. It’s best to avoid swimming for a couple of days after your waxing appointment to reduce the risk of developing a skin infection.

Don’t forget about sun protection

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you should schedule your bikini wax for a few days prior to your departure. This is because your skin is very delicate for the first 48 hours after a wax. This leaves it more susceptible to damage from UV rays, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. In addition to avoiding sun exposure for 48 hours, remember to apply sunscreen on all areas of exposed skin before hitting the beach.

Do wait a little while before exfoliating

Waxing will naturally exfoliate your skin by lifting away dead skin cells. Because of this, and because additional scrubbing can lead to the over-exfoliation of your skin, it’s best to avoid using body scrubs for a few days. After the first few days, you can gently apply a mild body scrub or exfoliating serum to the area. This may help prevent ingrown hairs.

Don’t encourage excessive friction

The skin down there will be extra sensitive for a couple of days after your wax. It’s best to stick with loose clothing made from breathable fabric. In addition, avoid intense workouts. Try yoga instead.

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