Décolletage Decadence

With fall in full-swing the holidays are right around the corner. Between Halloween and all the events that follow, different outfits are required and usually show some skin. While your summer bronze may not have faded yet, your skin likely took a beating from the summer heat. Now is the time to revitalize your face, neck and chest areas with the many décolletage services offered at Salon Nouveau.

Many women go to great lengths to keep their faces firm and wrinkle free, but often forget the importance of caring for their neck and chest with the same TLC. Here are some top tips for keeping your neck and chest looking as fresh as your face this fall. First, always wear sunscreen! The décolletage area is very prone to freckles and wrinkles so wearing sunscreen helps to protect your skin against these trespassers. Second, be sure to moisturize this area. Just as you moisturize your face, you should moisturize your neck and chest. We have a great firming serum especially for the neck so ask us about it on your next visit. Finally, treat your décolletage area to a specialized service for extra care.

At Salon Nouveau, we offer many facial services, and receiving a facial is a great time to add on a décolletage service. Our Milk ‘n Honey neck firming service is an easy add-on to a facial but also available alone. Not only will the Milk ‘n Honey treatment exfoliate your neck and chest, but the natural ingredients include collagen which helps to boost your skin’s firmness. This treatment takes only 20 minutes and is $30.

If you’re looking for something that focuses on the neck and chest as well as the rest of the body, then the sugar body scrub is perfect. This 75-minute treatment will exfoliate all of your skin and leave you glowing just in time to welcome the holiday season. We hope to see you soon for a décolletage service!