Signs You’re Ready for a Hair Makeover

Do you always have big plans for your hair until you get to the salon, where you decide at the last minute to ask for your usual trim? Making a big change with your hair can be scary, but it can also be invigorating. Is it time for your give your look a breath of a fresh air? Here are the signs that now is the right time for a hair makeover.

No one talks about your hair anymore.

There is a good chance that you compliment your friends and coworkers on their hair on a regular basis, but when was the last time that they returned the favor? If you haven’t had any thumbs up for your hair lately, it doesn’t mean that it looks bad. Instead, it means that you haven’t done anything new with it for a long time. Everyone knows what to expect from your look and is so used to seeing your current style that it doesn’t occur to them to compliment you, even on your good hair days. A new hairstyle or color is just what you need to shake everyone up and get them talking again.

Your hair stylist is making gentle suggestions.

Stylists have a way of knowing when a client is ready for a change—even before the client realizes it. You may notice that your stylist keeps slipping in comment about how great you’d look with a certain kind of cut or how good a certain color is for the upcoming season. Chances are that your stylist isn’t just making conversation—he or she is dropping hints that a new do could refresh your style.

You’ve gone through a major life change.

Breakups, graduations, engagements, job changes, and relocations are just some of the major shifts that can impact your life. A new chapter often calls for a new look, and a hair makeover can be the perfect way to embrace all of the changes with confidence.


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