What to Expect from Your First Keratin Treatment

Are you fed up with trying to manage dry, frizzy hair? It’s time to think about getting your first keratin treatment. A professional keratin treatment takes dry, frizzy, and damaged hair and turns it into sleek, smooth locks that you’ll love to show off. The specific steps required and the aftercare instructions can vary, depending on the exact products that the stylist uses, so be sure to ask whether there are any requirements you should know about.

How Keratin Treatments Work

Keratin treatments are commonly confused as being the same as a straightening treatment, but this isn’t true. Straightening treatments break the protein bonds in the hair and keratin treatments don’t. In fact, keratin is a naturally occurring protein that protects the hair from humidity, which is the most common trigger of frizz. Over time, hair can become porous as it loses keratin due to environmental factors. Keratin treatments simply fill in the gaps, smoothing the hair strand and protecting it from the environment.

Which Steps Are Involved

The pre-treatment is the first step. This involves using a clarifying shampoo to remove surface buildup and lift up the cuticle. Then, the stylist will apply the hydrolyzed keratin in a manner similar to applying color. Heat is used to seal in the keratin, and the product is left in place for a while. The entire treatment may take two to three hours.

What to Expect Afterward 

In previous years, all keratin treatments required individuals to avoid washing and styling their hair for a few days. Fortunately, modern keratin treatments are much less restrictive, but you’ll still want to ask your stylist if there are any aftercare requirements. It’s likely that the most you’ll need to do is switch to shampoo and other hair care products that do not contain sulfates or sodium chloride. This will help the effects last longer. While results can vary, you can generally expect your hair to remain sleek and smooth for months.You can schedule your first keratin treatment at Salon de Nouveau in Tucson. Our talented stylists recommend keratin treatments for anyone who wishes to tame, soften, and smooth hair for long-term manageability. You can reach us at (520) 323-0770 to schedule your appointment.