Banish Bags and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

If you have bags and dark circles under your eyes, you’re not alone. This common complaint heard in skin spas plagues men and women of all ages. It may seem like you’re powerless to prevent bags and dark circles, particularly if a busy schedule doesn’t leave you enough time to get all of the sleep that you need. However, there are fortunately a number of different things you can do to keep bags and circles at bay. Try these techniques to get rid of bags and dark circles and look more youthful and refreshed today.


Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is damaging to your skin in a number of ways, including contributing to bags and dark circles. Try to up your water intake while reducing your intake of things that increase your dehydration, such as a salt and caffeine. Not only will drinking more water help to ease the appearance of bags and dark circles, but it will also help your skin feel more youthful and refreshed overall.


Get Regular Facials

Some people treat facials as an occasional treat, but they can be part of your usual skincare routine—offering numerous additional benefits. During a facial, your aesthetician will provide treatments that are appropriate for your skin type and target any complaints or concerns you have about your skin health, including bags and dark circles. Staying consistent with regular facials will improve your skin health overall and reduce impact of a range of issues, including bags and dark circles.


Try Cold Tea Bags

Cold tea bags are a tried and true method of dealing with bags and dark circles. Tea is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants, which will soothe puffiness and the strained capillaries that often cause darkness to appear under the eyes.


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