Don’t Get Fooled by Counterfeit Beauty Products

Counterfeit beauty products, such as high-end makeup and haircare products, have been around for years, but the problem is only getting worse as these fakes are infiltrating trusted retailers like Amazon, Target, and others, as well as online retailers boasting name brands for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, what you get with counterfeit products is not the same product at a reduced price. In all likelihood, these imitations use cheaper ingredients that may not be approved for consumer safety, and they come packaged in the same wrapping as the brands you know. So how do you avoid getting duped by these potentially dangerous products? Follow the tips below.

Be Wary of What You Buy Online
Many major brands you find in salons do not sell products directly online, since they sell exclusively through trusted hair care professionals. That means that when you see these products on Amazon or other websites, they are probably fakes.

Purchase Your Products from the Salon
The best way to ensure that you’re purchasing the product you think you are getting is by buying from the salon. This also offers the advantage of your stylist’s insight into the right shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for your hair type. And while you may pay more than you would for generic styling products found in stores, you will find that these products last much longer and keep your hair in better shape, reducing your need for interventions with deep conditioning treatments at the salon.

Know the Difference in Quality
Counterfeit products will not have the same look and feel as legitimate professional grade products, even if the packaging is identical. If you aren’t sure about the origin of any beauty product you use, look and smell closely, and if it seems off, don’t use it. People have sustained serious injuries from counterfeit products, such as a woman gluing her eyes shut with counterfeit makeup, so do not take the risk.

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