Making Your Makeup Last All Summer

Summertime and makeup don’t always mix, but there are strategies you can use to keep your makeup from melting off in the sunshine. Tweaking the products you use during winter for warmer weather and switching up your skincare can make all the difference in keeping a fresh-faced look no matter how high the temperatures soar outside. Try these tips to make your makeup look its best all summer long.

Spend Time on Skin Health

Healthy skin is the perfect canvas for makeup that lasts, so keep yours in good condition. During the summer, switch to an oil-free moisturizer, since your pores are more prone to clogging thanks to the excess sweat. Summer is also the perfect time to invest in a facial. Summer makeup is more bare and natural than winter looks, and a facial will help you let your healthy skin shine.

Find a Skin-Friendly Primer

Primers work wonders year round, but they are especially useful during the summer. After you put on your moisturizer, put on a layer of primer before you start using your foundation. With a primer, you can use a lighter foundation and concealer, since the primer will hold the makeup in place, enhancing your coverage without feeling heavy. Primer will also help your makeup last longer, even when temperatures spike. There are many different kinds of primer, so choose one that is right for your skin type.

Steer Clear of Powders

Powders that look smooth in the winter can look cakey in the summer. Swap out your powders for cream blushes and stains. Summer is a good time to experiment with cream eye shadows. For your lips, skip heavy, matte colors for subtle stains and glosses. Creams and stains will keep your color looking fresh and healthy without the dicey combination of powders and high temperatures.


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