Spotlight on the Lactic Peel

If you’re searching for younger-looking skin, then ask about a lactic peel at your next visit to the salon. Lactic peels are gentle enough to be performed in the salon setting, yet deliver results that are stunning enough to look like you’ve had a much more invasive treatment. Lactic peels are great for restoring a more youthful complexion and can also help to address fine lines and wrinkles. Could a lactic peel be right for you? Here is what you need to know.

What are lactic peels?

A lactic peel uses a chemical that is derived from milk called lactic acid. It is a form of alpha-hydroxy acid, or AHA. AHAs, ranging from lactic acid to glycolic acid and citric acid, are popular ingredients in anti-aging skin care products. As a group, they generally work by causing the top layer of skin to peel, thus exposing fresher, healthier skin underneath the surface. Lactic acid is in many over-the-counter products, but your salon can use products with a higher concentration than you can buy yourself.

What happens during a lactic peel?

At your salon, your aesthetician will apply the lactic acid solution to your face, allowing it to sit on your skin for the appropriate amount of time. He or she will then remove the product and apply a soothing cream to your skin to reduce irritation.

Are there any side effects?

Lactic acid is gentle, but it is still possible to see some redness and skin flaking for a few days after a peel. Itchy skin is also possible. Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your newly exposed skin. Continue to wear sunscreen and follow the skin care regimen recommended by your spa to maintain your results.

At Salon Nouveau, we’re pleased to use Skin Script Rx products in our spa. The line is paraben-free and gentle, yet it delivers striking results. To make an appointment to visit our spa in Tucson, call (520) 323-0770.